MATLAB 2019b file not running in MATLAB 2017b

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cherry jain
cherry jain il 8 Lug 2021
Risposto: Rishik Ramena il 14 Lug 2021
I created an app in MATLAB 2019B and want to run it 2017b. I do not wish to convert it in Standalone app. I need to share it with my team mates who have the license for 2017b.
In 2017b, it gives the error gridlayout not defined. What should I do?
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Jonas il 8 Lug 2021
if you used uigridlayout() you have to see that exists since 2018b and not earlier
cherry jain
cherry jain il 10 Lug 2021
what is the replacement for that in 2017b ? Do you know ?

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena il 14 Lug 2021
You can check out the documentation for R2017b here. Specifically look for App building using App Designer and GUIDE. Make sure that your app confines to the functions used in this documentation.


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