Add a confirm exit message (like uiconfirm) for a WebApp

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I am migrating one of my Standalone apps to a Matlab Webapp and indeed there are a lot of things to be removed, changed and modified as they do not work for a Web-application (listed here). I would like to however include one feature that will demand confirmation from the user when he tries to close the window.
Usually, for a standalone app, this is what I do (my CloseRequest function):
function figure1CloseRequest(app, event)
anss = uiconfirm(app.figure1, 'Do you wish to quit?', 'Confirm Exit', 'Options',{'Yes','No','Cancel'}, ...
'DefaultOption',3,'CancelOption',3, 'Icon', 'question');
switch anss
case 'Yes'
However, this feature does not work in a Web-app. Is there a workaround to add something like this in a Web-app?

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena on 16 Jul 2021
I see that 'uiconfirm' is supported for web apps. From the link you shared,
Here's a tutorial on how to use uiconfirm and deploy it as a web app from MATLAB.
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Shreedhar Savant Todkar
Shreedhar Savant Todkar on 16 Jul 2021
Yes. uiconfirm works. But I would like to add it to confirm when we close the tab.
The code that I provided above, it works when I launch it on App-designer. But when it is launched on a browser, the uiconfirm to close the window does not work.

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