how to calculate the distance between two pixels?

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find the distance between two pixels in an image..

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vaishali il 21 Set 2013
dist=sqrt((y2-y1)^2+(x2-x1)^2);%%%% Where (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are coordinates of two pixels

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tami il 9 Giu 2014
hello, i actually have a followup question, I am trying to find a way to calculate the distance between edges of an image created by edge detection toolbox. The edges are painted white on the image, and i need to somehow calculate the distance automatically between the longest distance of each edge. For example if the edge is a square - i would like to calculate the width and length of it.
Thank you Tamir
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tami il 9 Giu 2014
About 20-30 hrs. for a seasoned programmer.
Sayfeddine Veerbeek.
ROHINI BHUTE il 20 Mag 2016
if you use images in the form of matrices and command like d(i,j)=sqrt((y2(i,j)-y1(i,j))^2+(x2(i,j)-x1(i,j)^2) then it becomes easier.i am not sure but try this one.

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