mex-file automation compiling problem

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Greg on 21 Sep 2013
Somehow there is no function_name .mexw64 file among files generated with coder command.
(And thus function_name_mex is not found and its call returns standard "Undefined .. for type 'double' ". The coder process runs with no problems, report looks fine. Had run mex -setup and selected compiler, my Matlab version is R2012a)
Running function_name_mex .batch file manually generates a lot of new files with .mexw64 file also. Why doesn't this file generate automatically as it should? Would be grateful for any ideas, thanks.
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Ketan on 25 Sep 2013
The target build log tab near the bottom of the compilation report may provide some build diagnostics that explain why this is happening.

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Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 25 Sep 2013
Hi Greg,
How are you running "coder"? Are you using the codegen command? Or are you using a *.prj file with coder? In the latter case, you may have checked "Generate Code Only", which bypasses actually producing the MEX-function. If this advice doesn't help, could you post the actual command you are using to invoke MATLAB Coder?


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