How to plot a 2D vector-field and exclude zero-vectors (dots) in the graph?

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I plotted a vector field as written below:
where the variables
T(:,1) and T(:,2) are the x and y coordinates and
T(:,3) and T(:,4) are the x and y components.
However, many vectors have x and y components equal zero.
Thus, when I plot the field, many dots represents
the zero-vectors and disturb the visualization of
the field.
So I want to write some command lines
to exclude the plotting of the dots (zero-vectors).
I wonder if someone could help me with this
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart on 4 Jun 2011
How about:
I = ~(T(:,3)==0 & T(:,4)==0);
cheers, Wolfgang
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Emerson De Souza
Emerson De Souza on 4 Jun 2011
Vielen Dank Wolfgang,
es hat genau funktioniert,
wie ich gewuenscht habe.

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