how to find the neighbour pixel having maximum value?

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i have calculated the parzen density for an image. Now i have to find the maximum valued pixel of an image in the 3x3 matrix window
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 23 Set 2013
out = imdilate(grayImage, true(3)); % In the IMage Processing Toolbox.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 24 Set 2013
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Your original question said to look in the 3 by 3 window - all 9 pixels. But your latest comment says to look only to the 8 neighbors and don't include the central pixel. So in that case, you need to make a "hole" in the center of the structuring element:
out = imdilate(grayImage, [1,1,1;1,0,1;1,1,1]);
The above looks only at the 8 pixels on the outer border, and does not look at the 9th pixel in the very center.

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