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How do we Simulate CoreDDX DDS?

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Srinivas Soma
Srinivas Soma il 16 Lug 2021
Commentato: Mark McBroom il 10 Ott 2022
Hello Matlab Team,
We would like to understand how can we import the CoreDx DDS Library and try to simulate as similar to RTI DDS.
Also, how can we bring Processor & OS parameters to be considered as this is a Middleware.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 7 Ott 2022
Currently only RTI DDS and eProsima fastRTPS are supported.
What processor and OS parameters are you looking to be included?
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Srinivas Soma
Srinivas Soma il 10 Ott 2022
Thank you Mark McBroom for the response. We are using CoreDX DDS in our project, so, thought of checking if the toolkit can be integrated similar to RTI DDS.
We have ARM Processor , 2 FPGAs and OS is Linux based.
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 10 Ott 2022
You have a couple of options
  1. Generate code using the RTI or eProsima option, but then delete code RTI/eProsima specifc code and update cmakelists.txt to use CoreDX includes, libraries, etc.
  2. MathWorks consulting services can add support for CoreDX to the DDS Blockset. There would be a charge for that. Contact your MathWorks account manager if you'd like to pursue this route.

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