Plot time series analysis from multiple netcdf files

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Hello. I am new to MATLAB. I am interested in creating time series plot (like the attached figure) for chl a of a large area from six netcdf files. Each netcdf file corresponding a year. can anyone help me with the procedure or the MATLAB code to excute this task, please???
thank you in advanced.

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Answers (2)

millercommamatt on 22 Jul 2021
Read each netCDF file. Concatenate the arrays. Plot the concatenated arrays.
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Mir Talas Mahammad Diganta
can you help me with the script, please? I am a new user here.
thank you.

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 27 Jul 2021
Mir, I'm not very familiar with MATLAB's netCDF features, but there are ways to read the files and you should read the doc about that. Once you've gotten the data into MATLAB, I'd recommend converting to timetables with datetime row times, and then probably concatenating those, and plotting against time. Amybe use stackedplot if you have multiple variables. Don't know what you data look like, so can't really help more than that.
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Mir Talas Mahammad Diganta
hello. thank you for your suggestion. you can access my netcdf data files by clicking this link below:
it will very helpful for me if you can provide me working solution for this problem. Thank you

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