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How to generate a connection graph with vertices and edges

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I want to generate a connection graph as shown in the figure above. I have the 3D points (vertices/dots in the figure). I want to run a condition check for each pair of vertices and draw the line segments (edges) connecting the vertices if the condition is true. Can someone please help me with proper functions in the pseudo code below to draw line segments and display the final 3D connection graph? Thank you.
Pseudo code:
P=vertices; (points, nx3)
for i=1:size(P,1)
for j=i+1:size(P,1)
if condition for vertices 'i' and 'j' is true:
connect the vertices with line segment
#display final connection graph with vertices and edges

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Matt J
Matt J il 19 Lug 2021
I don't know if you even need a for-loop. You should probably just build a graph object using one of the syntaxes listed in the documentation
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 19 Lug 2021
And if you do create a graph object you can specify node coordinates when you call plot on that graph, as shown in the "Custom Graph Node Coordinates" on this documentation page.
Vinit Nagda
Vinit Nagda il 19 Lug 2021
Thank you for your responses and for sharing the relevant links for graph object documentation. I was able to plot the connection graph figure using the "Custom Graph Node Coordinates".
Thank you for the support.

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