How to use Hex Peg in Simulink

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Harshpreet Singh
Harshpreet Singh il 23 Lug 2021
Risposto: Shubham Khatri il 27 Lug 2021
I was trying to make a 4 cylinder inline engine using this mathworks tutorial-
Here while making the 4 cylinder model at the end(6:00) they have shown revolute joint connected to a Base Hex Peg but I was not able to find this on the simscape parts. How do I implement this? Do I need to import a solidorks file for this?

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri il 27 Lug 2021
You dont need solidworks file for this. You can do this using simple geometries. I am attaching the piston library in the answer for your assistance.
Hope it helps.

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