Copy/save image functions stop UIAxes graph from automatically resizing

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I'm seeing an issue with automatic resizing in an appdesigner UIAxes object. Normally the graph will shrink to accomodate a legend and expand when a legend is deleted. But using the built in "Save As" or "Copy as Image" functions on the graph break this resizing behavior and lock the graph at the current size. The copygraphics() function causes the same issue
For example, if I add plots and create a legend the graph will automatically resize so the legend fits within the same window
Empty UIAxes graph:
Plots added to graph, automatically resized for legend:
It's possible to go back and forth between these states until an image of the graph is copied or saved. That will lock the graph at the current size so it no longer expands when cleared
Copy or save image:
Broken, no longer resizes:

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