Stateflow model file dependencies issue.

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Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad on 28 Jul 2021
Commented: Abdul Samad on 19 Aug 2021
I want to convert my state flow model into fixed point using the fixed poin tool. I am trying with iterative fixed point conversion option. As a first step I execute the 'prepare' command. Fixed point tool fails at this point as it is unable to create a back up of the project and hence does not proceed to further processing. The error is shown in the image below:
The dependency list does not make any sense to me as I am not using any thing relating to SPI, I2C etc. It appears that the project has some wrong dependencies linked to it. Please guide in fixing this issue.

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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 29 Jul 2021
Edited: Andy Bartlett on 29 Jul 2021
You can proceed with the rest of the Fixed-Point Tool conversion workflow.
A restore point only impacts how you can abandon the converted model if you are unhappy with the changes. If a restore point is successfully created, a button in the tool will allow the easiest way to abandon the results of conversion. If a restore point is not successfully created, then old-fashioned manual restoration is necessary.
Before running the Fixed-Point Tool it is always recommended to save your model and anything it depends on. If you use git or another revision control system, then stage and commit the current state for maximum safe guards. Manual restoration means just closing the models and files that have been dirtied without saving them. Then you can reload them and they should be the same as what they were before running Fixed-Point Tool. If you've used your revision control system, then it's tools can show if some changes have somehow lingered, and the revision control tools can help you undo those unexpected lingering changes.
We'd like to get to the bottom of why restore point creation did not work. If you could upload a simple reproduction example that would be great. If you'd prefer not to upload the files here, you could also reach out to tech support.

Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad on 30 Jul 2021
Dear Andy,
Thank you very much for your support. I have reduced the model for your review and attaching with this email. Kindly check it and let me know how we can fix the dependencies issue. Earlier I tried generating code for a microchip controller but then I removed the microchip blocks as we are now generating for TI microcontroller. I think that the project has still links to some past dependencies and we need to remove these somehow.
Thanks & regards,
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad on 19 Aug 2021
Dear Andy,
Is there any update?.

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