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calculating weighted sum of values in a matrix

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I have a short question. I have csv file called "input.csv" which is a 51x3 matrix. I am reading the file and I have to calculate the sum and the weighted sum of the numbers. Weighted sum is the sum of any number multiplied by its row and column index starting at 1 and the sum is addition of all values of a matrix. I have done the sum but how to do the weighted sum. here is my code and I am attaching the file with the question.
a = csvread('input.csv');
S = sum(a,2);
S = sum(S); %1st part
A picture of how the file looks like:

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Jonas il 28 Lug 2021
Modificato: Jonas il 28 Lug 2021
short example for the weighting: each number is multiplied by its column index and row index
the rest should be easy :)

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