echo won't turn off

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Emily il 30 Lug 2021
Risposto: Emily il 30 Lug 2021
I am running a .m script that calls a function saved as a separate .m file. When I was debugging the script I tried many times to turn "echo" on. I tried
echo on
echo on all
echo myfunction on
echo myfunction.m on
echo myscript.m on
echo myscript on
It seemed that none of these definitively worked the first time I tried it, but eventually echo started working. I'm not sure which of those commands made echo come on, but it is definitely on now, and I can't turn it off! I have tried
echo off
echo off all
echo myfunction off
echo myfunction.m off
echo myscript.m off
echo myscript off
I have run these commands multiple times, but it is still echoing the commands in my script.
Has anybody experienced trouble turning echo on and off? I also tried restarting matlab, but it is still echoing. I looked in startup.m in my home directory, and did not see anything about echo in it.
Thanks for any help people can offer.

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Emily il 30 Lug 2021
Oh, my bad...computers do what you tell them to do!
I had added
echo on
to the function itself.
I removed it later, but somehow the version with that command removed did not get copied successfully to the machine I'm running on.

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