function deal()

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Yin on 6 Jun 2011
I'm having trouble getting deal() to place one number in multiple places. My lines of code:
y={y1 y2 y3};
gives me the error: The right hand side of this assignment has too few values to satisfy the left hand side.
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Yin on 6 Jun 2011
er, sorry, the final line should read:

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Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 6 Jun 2011
y = cell(1,3); % dispense with the y1, y2, y3 stuff....
[y{:}] = deal(5)
or, without defining the variable first:
[Y{1:3}] = deal(5) % Y is not defined before this line..
But why use DEAL at all?
y = cell(1,3);
y(:) = {9}
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Yin on 6 Jun 2011
That's awesome, I can't read, lol.
I'm actually trying to figure out how to create a pointer-like structure where values can be dynamically changed without knowing all the variables that "point" to it.
Thanks for your help.

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