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How to replicate the "this" function in older than R2020b MATLAB releases?

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I am currently developing a Statechart in Simulink that is controlled via an App created by App Designer. The release I am using is R2020a.
Using the R2020a version, is there any way to give the app access to chart data during simulation without using the this keyword, since it was introduced in R2020b?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo il 5 Ott 2021
If all you need is one-way connectivity (app to model), here is an older version of an example that might fit your requirements:
This version uses set_param to connect the app to the Simulink model. In R2020b, we used the keyword "this" to revamp the example and provide two-way connectivity (app to model and model to app). I hope you find this helpful.


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