MATLAB Coder lots of syntax and function issues

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Hi, I have a MATLAB code which reads some parameters from txt files and after calculations it creates bin files in a folder. Code works well in MATLAB but I need the C code for running it on a microcontroller. I'm trying the Coder but facing with lots of issues like "mkdir is not supported for code generation", "fileattrib is not supported for code generation", Code generation requires variable 'x' to be fully defined before subscripting it", etc. Any suggestions for syntax errors and unsupported function calls?

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Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat il 6 Ago 2021
Below is the list of functions supported in MATLAB Coder ;
You can take a look at "Low-Level File I/O" category.
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Mustafa Çelik
Mustafa Çelik il 6 Ago 2021
Yes i know but I didn't see any alternatives for 'mkdir','fileattrib' and 'dlmread'.

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