How to compare a value over time in Simulink

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I am attempting to take a value (in my instance a boolean) and see if it is equal to a set value (in my case True) for a given amount of time. Is there a function in Simulink that would help me achieve this?

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stozaki il 6 Ago 2021
Hi Trevor,
The processing you want to perform is not in the Simulink standard block. So I modeled the function you want to detect.
It is created with Simulink standard blocks only. I created this model with R2021a
You can use this model by setting start_time and stop_time to start and end times.
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stozaki il 6 Ago 2021
I have attached the one I created with R2018b.
Please check out this model.
Trevor Youngman
Trevor Youngman il 6 Ago 2021
Thank you, this has answered my question

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