How do i stitch or merge an image together

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I would like to merge/stitch 6 image together but, there is a missing part inside (which is meant to be).
The overal image will form a final image (with a hole in a middle (missing pieces).
How do i stitch the images as per the image above? Thank you

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Prachi Kulkarni
Prachi Kulkarni on 10 Aug 2021
I am assuming that-
  1. All your individual images A to F are RGB images
  2. The values in the missing part can be NaN in the final merged/stitched image.
Sample code to get the final merged/stitched image is attached below-
% Creating test images A to F with different colours
A = ones(5,12,3); % creating image A
A(:,:,1) = 0; % setting color of A = cyan
B = ones(4,6,3); % creating image B
B(:,:,2) = 0; % setting color of B = magenta
C = ones(4,6,3); % creating image C
C(:,:,3) = 0; % setting color of C = yellow
D = ones(7,4,3); % creating image D
D(:,:,[1 2]) = 0; % setting color of D = blue
E = ones(7,4,3); % creating image E
E(:,:,[2 3]) = 0; % setting color of E = red
F = ones(3,12,3); % creating image F
F(:,:,[1 3]) = 0; % setting color of F = green
% Merging/stitching the images
w = size(A,2);
wD = size(D,2);
wE = size(E,2);
hDE = size(D,1);
finalImage = [A; [B C]; [D NaN(hDE,w-wD-wE,3) E]; F];
For more information, please refer to the documentation on-
  1. Creating, Concatenating and Expanding Matrices
  2. Create array of all NaN values
  3. Display image with scaled colors

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