How to programmatically update "Code Mappings - AUTOSAR SW Component "?

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How I can update "Code Mappings - AUTOSAR SW Component " settings of an AUTOSAR component programmatically (using matlab scripts)?
My component have large number of outports and I want to automate the process of updating Code Mapping settings.

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Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil il 9 Ago 2021
Modificato: Gargi Patil il 9 Ago 2021
Outports and other model elements can be programmatically configured through the interface for code mappings.
You can refer to this linked documentation which provides code to configure outputs. Here is a sample code you can use:
codeMappings = coder.mapping.utils.create(model);
outports = find(codeMappings, 'Outports');
setOutport(codeMappings,outports(1), property, valueToSet);
For further information, the documentations for coder.mapping.api.CodeMapping and AUTOSAR Programmatic Interfaces outline related functions.
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Vishvam Rastogi
Vishvam Rastogi il 9 Ago 2021
Thanks for the information.
Below link mentions about modifying outport property in Code Mappings - AUTOSAR SW Component in detail.

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