Extracting coefficients of 'sinwt', 'coswt', sin2wt etc from a symbiolic expression.

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I am having a mathmatical symbolic expression and want to extract the coefficient of 'sinwt', 'coswt', 'sin2wt' and so on.
For e.g. the expression is,
where, , and are symbolic variables. Now, is there anyway to get the coefficient of 'sinwt', 'coswt', 'cos3wt' etc. from this expression ? or in other words, is it possible to get the following desired output ?
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Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil il 12 Ago 2021
My understanding is that you would like to extract the coefficients of a symbolic trigonometric expression. The function "coeffs" can be used to return coefficients of an expression with respect to a specified term as follows:
syms a b c x
expr = a*sin(x)*b*sin(2*x) + c*sin(x);
[csin, tsin] = coeffs(expr, [sin(x), sin(2*x)])
csin = 
tsin = 

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