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what is the purpose of this code?

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ankita il 8 Ott 2013
Modificato: Jan il 11 Ott 2013
we are working on the code for barcode scanning(barCodeCam.m) taken from matlab central only..but we have not understood the algorithm of the functions-movAvg.m and diffScheme.m in the code. can you please explain the algoritm that they have implemented in those functions?

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Jan il 8 Ott 2013
  1. We cannot guess, which function you are talking of. Adding a link would be a good point to start from.
  2. "movAvg" sounds like a moving average. This means that each value is replaced by the mean of its 2*N+1 neighbors.
  3. "diffScheme" is not clear from its name, but I hope you find explanations in the help section.
  4. If the help sections are not useful enough, ask the author at first.
  5. If he cannot answer your questions, explain your question more specifically, e.g. show us the lines of code, which are not clear. Currently your question is too general to be answered efficiently.

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ankita il 8 Ott 2013
This is the link of that code, please suggest the algorithm regarding those functions
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 8 Ott 2013
Modificato: Image Analyst il 8 Ott 2013
How did you address #3 - #5 of Jan's reply?
ankita il 11 Ott 2013
As suggested by you we tried to contact the author but didn't get any reply.Can you please suggest us an algorithm for the code in the above link.

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Jan il 11 Ott 2013
Modificato: Jan il 11 Ott 2013
The linked code is not useful or usable. Beside the missing help text and useful comments, the script performs this:
A0 = imread('cam.jpg');
A0 = rgb2gray(A0);
A = A0([99+30:99+260],[71:608]); % for cam
Then a lot of code follows, which might perform anything useful. But you have to guess where which modifications are required. So my conclusion is, only seeing this tiny part of the submission, that this tool is of any use. You will have less troubles if you delete it and rewrite it from scratch. Searching for other submissions in the FEX is a good strategy also.
Sorry for this pessimistic opinion. It is based on the experience, that it is not worth to let a project crash only because ugly code of unknown authors is applied.


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