5G NOMA testing with USRP x310

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CJ S on 12 Aug 2021
Edited: Anshika Chourasia on 30 Dec 2021
I desire to conduct a measurement-driven performance analysis using Power Domain NOMA in a 5G RAN operating across FR1 (410 MHz - 7125 MHz). I would like to conduct my experiments using three USRP x310s (one gNB and two UEs) and MATLAB. I have the communications toolbox and the 5G toolbox. However, I do not see any documentation on if my desire is possible with MATLAB. Please help.

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Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 30 Dec 2021
Edited: Anshika Chourasia on 30 Dec 2021
Currently there are no direct built-in functions to support 5G NOMA in MATLAB. I have brought it to the notice of the concerned people and it might be considered for a future release.

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