Export transfer function model to workspace from Simulink without linmod

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I want to export the trasfer function of a simple simulink program to the workspace. I know it can be done simply by using the commands
Is there any way to avoid the linmod command? The reason I need to do this is to present this method for people who are not familiar with state-sspace models.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek il 14 Ott 2013
Modificato: Azzi Abdelmalek il 14 Ott 2013
Your model name is transfer, and you have two transfer function named Transfer Fcn and Transfer Fcn1
To get the parameters of Transfer Fcn block
num=get_param('transfer/Transfer Fcn','Numerator');
den=get_param('transfer/Transfer Fcn','Denominator');
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haryana thomas
haryana thomas il 21 Ago 2018
you should type this command in the matlab command line.
plant = linearize('name of simulink model')

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