One figure instead of 100 and scroll.

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Maxime il 17 Ott 2013
Risposto: Sailesh Sidhwani il 19 Ott 2019
I am trying to scroll through a whole stack of CT images. So in order for this to work, I have to open lets say 100 separate figure windows and then smoothly scroll through them. However - how can I just open ONE figure window and have ALL my images be scrolling through in it?

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub il 17 Ott 2013
I am not sure what you mean by a "stack" of CT images. If you mean a 3D reconstruction, then maybe FEX:SliceBrowser does what you want. If you want a bunch of subplots with a scroll bar on the figure maybe technical note 1-16B5M helps you.
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Maxime il 17 Ott 2013
Modificato: Maxime il 17 Ott 2013
This is the kind of picture I have and I have a 100 of them. But instead of a 100 figures, I'd like only one and scroll to go from one to another
John D'Errico
John D'Errico il 17 Ott 2013
You could easily write a simple tool that would take a stack of images, creating a figure with a scroll bar on it. Callbacks from the scroll bar would let you move to any image in the stack, stepping along or jumping as you might desire. But you would need to write the code for that task. Simple, but not currently in existence that I know.

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Maxime il 21 Ott 2013
Modificato: Maxime il 21 Ott 2013
Actually, this is what I was looking for :
function windowScrollWheelFcn(hObject, eventData)
if (eventData.VerticalScrollCount > 0 && currentIndex>start)
currentIndex = currentIndex - 1;
elseif (eventData.VerticalScrollCount < 0 && currentIndex<fin)
currentIndex = currentIndex + 1;
function drawImage(index) clf(handleFigure) fprintf('Image %d\n', index) subplot(2,2,[1 3]);
%draw the different pictures
imshow(I{index},'DisplayRange',[], 'XData', [info{index}.ImagePositionPatient(1) info{index}.ImagePositionPatient(1)+info{index}.PixelSpacing(1)*double(info{index}.Columns)],...
'YData',[info{index}.ImagePositionPatient(2) info{index}.ImagePositionPatient(2)+info{index}.PixelSpacing(1)*double(info{index}.Rows)]);
hold on;
axis equal
subplot(2,2,[2 4]);
hold on;
xlim([min(xcomp{index})-10 max(xcomp{index})+10])
axis equal

Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani il 19 Ott 2019
Check out these new viewers that are added to Image Processing Toolbox in R2019b:

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