how to set colors for regions in an image?

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sheno39 il 24 Ott 2013
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 24 Ott 2013
i have to set different colors for different regions in a same image. In the first step i have calculated the intensity for all pixel using parzen density formula.
Next i had found the neighbour pixel and location having higher intensity value in 8-coordinated size for all pixels in the image. Now i have an variable having locations of maximum pixel of all pixels. i need to give same color for similar location. can anyone help me.. i have given my coding i have done yet.What corrections i have to do?
M=[1 1 1;1 1 1;1 1 1]./9;
D = padarray(I,[1 1],0,'both');
s = size(I);
N = padarray(reshape(1:numel(I),s),[1 1],0,'both');
pt = [1 1 1;1 0 1;1 1 1] > 0;
s1 = s+2;
out = zeros(s);
for i=2:s1(1)-1
for j=2:s1(2)-1
D1 = D(i-1:i+1,j-1:j+1);
K = N(i-1:i+1,j-1:j+1);
K = K(pt);
[~,i0] = max(D1(pt));
out(i-1,j-1) = K(i0);
[R C]=ind2sub(s,out);

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