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loop algebraic and variable signal

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carlos andres
carlos andres il 7 Feb 2011
Hi....i need help with a algebraic loop ...
I am developing a dinamic system, where i need that my sfunction have inputport that receive variable signal....i have solved the problem of inputport and outport dinamically but my s-functions is feedback then i have the following errorand don`t know to solve.
Block 'untitled/Control del Ciclo' has variable-size signals, and it resides within an algebraic loop. Variable-size signals do not support algebraic loops. Consider eliminating the algebraic loop.
please help me..

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Sebastian il 8 Feb 2011
As the error message states, the iterative solver for algebraic loops is not able to solve the loop in your system because it involves variable-size signals. In that case the loop needs to be eliminated by a redesign of the model or by breaking the loop by adding a Memory block for instance.

Vieniava il 8 Feb 2011

You may try to insert unit delay block

into the feedback line. Of course if this delay isn't critical for your simulation aim.


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