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Why am I unable to download my application to the Phytec MPC555 development board using the serial port?

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I am able to download my application using the BDM connection and have verified that the serial port is working. When I tried to download using the Serial port, I get the following error message:
Serial communication synchronisation failed: No response for the TARGET ALIVE byte was received from the target, after 1000 retries.
Please check that your target hardware is configured correctly, and the correct "Communication Options" have been selected.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
There can be a number of reasons for this error. Check the following:
1. Do you have the correct serial cable connected to the correct ports (host side and target side)? Is it a 'straight-through' cable, i.e. not null modem (as supplied with some Phytec hardware packages).
2. Is the boot code installed correctly? If other applications have been executed via BDM and produce the expected behavior then this indicates that the installation is complete.
3. Have you reset the hardware immediately after initiating the download from MATLAB? Normally it is necessary to do this so as to execute the boot code which responds to the host request to initiate a download.
4. Check to make sure JUMPER 6 is open for serial download.

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hana on 3 Feb 2014
I have same error, and I do what they mention from the correct answer but without any chance to have successfully download.


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