Why does the ASTFGANIM.m demo for Flightgear not function on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?

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I am not able to run the ASTFGANIM.m demo function that ships with the Aerospace Toolbox. I was able to launch the Flightgear application, but it does not respond to the commands from MATLAB.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 26 Set 2023
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 26 Set 2023
Libraries required by Flightgear to run properly are missing on Snow Leopard. The following are the steps that you should use to install and configure Flightgear so that the ASTFGANIM demo will run on Mac OS 10.6:
1) Download DMG file from
FlightGear-2.6.0-r319.dmg - runs on Mac OS 10.4 or later (works on 10.6 as well)
2) Open package and move FlightGear app to a writtable directory.
3) Download and install the latest RubyCocoa.framework files from
4) Copy HL20 directory/subdirectories from toolbox/aero/astdemos/HL20... to /Applications/FlightGear/Contents/Resources/data/Aircraft/HL20 ...
It is important that all of HL20 directory contents are copied as is to the Flightgear directory. Also, if you want to switch aircraft in the configuration runscript file, the name of the aircraft given has to appear the same as the name of the aircraft directory.
5) Launch MATLAB and create a temp directory to contain any files generated.
6) Type astfganim at the MATLAB command line. This will create the Animation object "h". A few things need to be updated.
% change 1
h.FlightGearBaseDirectory = '/Applications'
% change 2
% uncomment
GenerateRunScript (h)
7) Start flight gear using the generated runscript as:
System('runfg.bat &')
This should launch Flightgear and after a few moments you should see the HL20 model descend for a landing.
Note that if you continue to have problems, please see the Flightgear troubleshooting website:
One of the suggested fixes for when Flightgear does not run has been incorporated into the information above. It may also be useful to examine the Mac application error console to see if there are any other problems happening when Flightgear runs. You can run this utility by going in the Finder to Applications/Utilities/Console.

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