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How can I disable all of the objects in a UIBUTTONGROUP or UIPANEL at the same time?

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I would like to disable all of the objects located inside one of the container objects (UIPANEL and UIBUTTONGROUP). Is there a property of the container that does this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 27 Giu 2009
The container objects do not have a property that can disable all of its children. However, you can obtain the container's children, and then modify their Enable properties with a single command:
% Here 'c' is the handle to a container object
children = get(c,'Children');

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Eric Sargent
Eric Sargent il 9 Dic 2020
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 23 Feb 2022
As of R2020b ButtonGroup and Panel both support Enable when the button group or panel is parented to a uifigure.

Wagih Abu Rowin
Wagih Abu Rowin il 25 Ott 2020
For Matlab App Designer 2018 and up you should use 'Enable','off' as:
% Here app.UIFigure is the main handel or container object
children = get(app.UIFigure,'Children');


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