Problem 1276. PONG 002: Rectangle, Interactive Download, Easier Play

Variation of the Original Classic PONG game brought to Cody. PONG 002 is a rectangular board (2000,1000) with slower initial velocities and more precise paddle movement. PONG 2 uses plot and fill versus patches to improve video play. The faster square version is PONG 001

Attempt to keep the ball alive against a Wall. The ball speeds up on every hit. When it is missed it restarts at a new location. The start locations and sequences are purely deterministic. Movement of the paddle are max up/down steps of -1 to 1 (effective delta 25) or no move. Partial paddle moves allowed.

Paddle center is provided and paddle covers +/- 50 units. The field is rectangular at 2000 by 1000 with 3 walls and the lower left corner being (0,0)

To aid in development of your routine, a PONG_Interactive_002a.m file that creates a solver script and video has been posted at PONG_Interactive_002b.m. (Right click, 'save link as'). The routine creates a PONG_002_solver.m script from the interactive play. The script demonstrates Interactivity, figure/KeyPressFcn, listdlg, and VideoWriter.

PONG Demo Video MP4 (Rt Click, Open in New Tab)

Inputs: (paddle,ball)

   paddle = 500 ; Paddle Center on the Y-axis, Paddle is +/- 50 from center
   ball=[500 500 30 20]; % x y vx vy  Positon and Velocity, Treated as a Point

Output: Direction

   1 for Up, -1 for Down, 0-No move
   Paddle moves 25*direction, quarter paddle. abs(direction)<=1 is allowed

Pass Criteria: 15 hits, a score of 425 or better

Scoring: 100 - 5 * Hits + 100 * Lives, (500 - 5 * hits for < 100 hits)

Game Theory: Position Paddle to minimize travel to next location. Vx=1.08*Vx and Vy=1.04*Vy after every return.

Near Future: Multi-Ball Three Wall, Paddle vs Paddle (Mirror), Angle variation based on Paddle/Ball Position

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