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MATLAB Central is where you can get answers, challenge yourself and others, and share your knowledge. Founded in 2001, MATLAB Central is the most trusted online community for MathWorks products and related technologies. We strive to make MATLAB Central an inviting and respectful forum where MATLAB users like you can exchange ideas and information.


The MATLAB Central community exists in support of the MathWorks company mission of accelerating the pace of engineering and science. You can find resources – such as the MATLAB Answers Q&A forum, File Exchange, and Cody – that foster a spirit of sharing and learning.

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Our community advisory board (CAB) advises, assists, and advocates for fellow community members as well as MathWorks on matters that impact the MATLAB Central community.

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News from the intersection of MATLAB, Community, and the web.

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Find the best answers about MATLAB, Simulink, and related products using MATLAB Answers.

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Search and browse code to solve complex problems at the File Exchange. Preview code before you download then tag, rate, and comment submissions.

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Read commentary from engineers who design, build, and support MathWorks products. Get the inside view on MATLAB and Simulink from the experts in our Blogs!


Sharpen your programming skills while having fun! Cody is a MATLAB problem-solving game that challenges you to expand your knowledge.

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Community Timeline We've been around a long time

  • '92
  • Comp.soft-sys.matlab UseNet newsgroup is launched.
  • MathWorks FTP site for sharing code is launched.
  • '98
  • MathWorks introduces the online programming contest.
  • '01
  • MATLAB Central is launched. The site includes File Exchange, Newsreader (a web view of the comp.soft-sys-matlab usenet group), and the programming contest.
  • Link Exchange introduced, allowing members to share interesting links from across the web.
  • '07
  • MATLAB Community blog goes live, focusing on MATLAB, the community & more.
  • '08
  • Guy on Simulink blog introduced, focusing on Simulink & Model-Based Design.
  • '11
  • Hans on IoT blog goes live, focusing on ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things.
  • Cleve's Corner, a blog from original MATLAB author Cleve Moler, goes live.
  • Cody, a MATLAB problem solving game, is introduced.
  • '12
  • Trendy, a place for creating trends and visualizing their data, is introduced.
  • '14
  • Mike on MATLAB Graphics blog goes live, focusing on graphics and data visualization using MATLAB.
  • File Exchange introduces the ability to link to GitHub repositories.
  • '15
  • Developer Zone blog goes live, focusing on advanced software development with MATLAB.
  • '16
  • Behind the Headlines blog goes live, focusing on MATLAB and Simulink behind today's news headlines.
  • The community celebrates the 15-year anniversary of MATLAB Central by participating in a community scavenger hunt and online 'triathalon'.
  • '17
  • Deep Learning blog goes live, focusing on understanding and using deep learning networks.
  • Student Lounge blog goes live, focusing on best practices and teamwork for student competitions.
  • The Cody community celebrates its 5 year anniversary with a new set of puzzles.
  • '18
  • SimBiology community goes live, focusing on QSP, PBPK, and PK/PD modeling using SimBiology and MATLAB.
  • '19
  • Power Electronic Controls community goes live, focusing applying power electronics control to Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Battery Systems, Power Conversion, and Motor Control.
  • Japanese Community blog goes live, focusing on MATLAB and Simulink for the Japanese community.
  • '20
  • Community Highlights channel goes live. A channel for the MATLAB Central community leaders to promote topics of interests to the community.
  • Distance Learning community goes live, for educators who are teaching remotely or online using MathWorks tools.
  • The MATLAB blog was launched. Practical Advice for People on the Leading Edge.
  • The Autonomous Systems blog launched. Design, develop, and test autonomous systems with MATLAB.
  • Quantitative Finance blog launched. Investment Management, Risk Management, Algorithmic Trading, Econometric Modeling, Pricing and Insurance.
  • A new open Discussions area launched. This new area expands the community highlights into a broader area for all types of topics.
  • The annual Mini Hack contest was held, this year participants generated many amazing animations.