Assert function that expands like the C macro assert
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% Evaluates the test condition in the caller's context. If the result is
% false, an error is thrown indicating that the test failed.
% TESTCONDITION should be a string.
% If TRUTHVALUE is zero, an error is thrown. The text of the error
% contains ERRMSG if supplied. This version of ASSERT was made to
% promote compatibility with Kevin Murphy's Bayes Net Toolbox (i.e. he
% uses this syntax). TRUTHVALUE must be a logical or a number.
% assert('1==2') ==> assertion error generated
% assert(1==2) ==> assertion error generated (BNT syntax)
% assert 1==2; ==> assertion error generated
% x=1; assert('x==1') ==> no error
% x=1; assert x==1; ==> no error
% assert('{a==3') ==> error generated by Matlab (bad assert code)

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Gerald Dalley (2024). assert.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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quick bug fix relative to the last update (which added support for Kevin Murphy's syntax)