Converts a matrix of numbers into a cell array of strings.
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%charcell = mtx2charcell(mtx)
% Converts a matrix of numbers into a cell array of strings of the same
% dimensionality as MTX.
%charcell = mtx2charcell(mtx,fmt)
% Uses the format string FMT (see SPRINTF for details).
%This function serves as a shorthand for using the built-in NUM2CELL,
%NUM2STR, and RESHAPE commands together (thanks Urs Schwarz!)
% mtx2charcell([0 1 2]) --> {'0.000000', '1.000000', '2.000000'}
% mtx2charcell([0 1 2], '%d') --> {'0', '1', '2'}
%This function can be handy to use in conjunction with the author's JOIN
%function (also available on Matlab Central). For example,
% join('-', mtx2charcell([0 1 2], '%d')) --> '0-1-2'
% 2006-02-16 6pm: even better performance enhancement, thanks to Urs Schwarz
% 2006-02-16 afternoon: performance enhancement thanks to Jiro Doke.

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Gerald Dalley (2024). mtx2charcell (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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