Wind Stress & Temp. Plot for the given Latitude-Longitude.

In this code, the wind stress with wind vectors along with Surface Temperature is plotted on geographical map for given longitude-latitude.
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Wind Stress is calulcated from the data obained from IMDAA website (10 m U - component and 10 m V -component of the wind) and the respective plot is obatined for given longitude - latitude on a geographical map.
Similarly, Surface Temperature (Skin) is also plotted for a given longitude-latitude on a geographical map.
* Climate Data Toolbox Needs to install(Add-Ons) first in MATLAB before running the given MATLAB script otherwise MATLAB with show an error.*
* Link to download the climate toolbox :

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Sankirna D. Joge (2024). Wind Stress & Temp. Plot for the given Latitude-Longitude. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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