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Billiard Simulator

version (68.9 KB) by Mason Porter
A GUI to simulate billiard systems on Matlab.


Updated 31 Mar 2016

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This is a GUI to simulate billiard systems on Matlab. It is useful not only for making graphics for files but also for doing research in billiard dynamical systems, as one can use this program to create lots of insight. It includes preset tables (such as Sinai, limacon, stadium, and mushroom billiards) as well as a tool to design one's own tables. The documentation for the program is available at (with 2006 updates discussed in
This is old software and is in need of updating for current versions of Matlab. I am hoping to eventually find someone who is interested in doing this. (My students who created this software graduated a long time ago.)

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Mason Porter (2020). Billiard Simulator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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It didn't work for me on matlab 2013a...
it says:
Error using mupadmex
Error in MuPAD command: Division by zero. [_power]

Evaluating: symobj::trysubs

can you help?

What a great work have you done!!!

benedicto neto

this game is very cool

John D'Errico

Pretty impressive from what I could see. A requirement the author fails to note is the symbolic toolbox.


The only new update was to deal with the license. The software hasn't been updated for a decade.

New billiard tables in the file + one bug fixed.

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Created with R13SP1
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Inspired: Billiard Simulator