TMM reflectivity simulator for DBR microcavity polaritons

Transfer matrix implementation for planar structure reflectivity, includes various data fitting abilities
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Aggiornato 2 mag 2022

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This is a series of GUIs which allow users to design planar semiconductor optical structures such as distributed bragg reflectors, planar microcavities, etc. This toolbox can then simulate reflectivity, transmission, absorption, electric fields, energy dissipation, and more at various angles,temperatures, wavelengths, and polarizations. Lastly, these various simulated quantities can be fit to experimental data and an optimizing fitting procedure can be executed. One of the core results of interest from this fitting for our purposes is the extraction of exciton fraction from angle resolved polariton data.
This is a large piece of software. A playlist will be uploaded to my youtube account showing various methods at:

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Jonathan Beaumariage (2024). TMM reflectivity simulator for DBR microcavity polaritons (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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