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interactive binarization by thresholding

version (6.73 KB) by Angel Garcimartín
interactive thresholding to obtain binary images


Updated 01 Jun 2006

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binar.m is a simple gui to interactively choose a threshold value and obtain a binary image from a grayscale image. It also can perform basic operations on the image (open, close, fill, clean). This can save time when deciding which are the best parameters to obtain a binary image, which is often the first step when detecting objects in a grayscale image.
Remark.- This gui will probably NOT work with Matlab 7.

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Angel Garcimartín (2019). interactive binarization by thresholding (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hello, Could you please let me know how should I load an image on this GUI? I tried every file format (,png, .tiff, .fig, .mat, ...) but I could not load anything to work with. Thanks a lot

kapil garg

it will help to me to develop a algo

Martin Pastor

Iker Zuriguel



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