displayWebPage - display a webpage in Matlab figure or panel

Display a web-page URL in a Matlab figure or UI container (panel, tab etc.), updating the displayed browser contents as needed.
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hContainer = displayWebPage(url, parent)
displayWebPage() with no input parameters displays the UndocumentedMatlab.com homepage in a figure window.
displayWebPage(url) displays the specified webpage in a figure window.
displayWebPage(url, title) displays the specified webpage in a figure window that has the specified title, creating a new figure if no such figure is found. If the figure is found and already contains an embedded browser, its contents are updated with the new web-page. Otherwise, a new browser is added to the figure, and then loads the specified webpage.
displayWebPage(url, hContainer) displays the specified webpage in the specified container handle (figure, uipanel, uitab, etc.). If the specified handle is not valid, the webpage is displayed in the system browser.
hContainer = displayWebPage(...) returns the browser's container handle
Usage examples:
displayWebPage % display UndocumentedMatlab.com homepage in a figure window
displayWebPage('google.com') % display google.com in a figure window
displayWebPage('http://google.com', 'Browser') % display in 'Browser' figure
displayWebPage('http://google.com', uipanel) % display in specified panel
hContainer = displayWebPage('http://google.com'); % return the figure handle
In some cases when the specified webpage URL is invalid, the browser might hang, causing excessive CPU load. Closing/deleting the browser container (e.g. its figure window) will dispose the browser and restore CPU to normal.
Additional information: https://UndocumentedMatlab.com
See also: the builtin web function

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