Generate Fiber with DXF File

Generates random fibers inside a box and creates DXF file
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This tool generates randomly oriented fibers inside a box. Then, Autocad DXF file is created for the generated fibers. Example file is also provided.
Important Note: This tool requires DXFLib (tested with version The user should download it and put its files in the same folder of this tool. The link for DXFLib is:
1-function Fiber=Generate_Fiber(x,y,z,L,N): Generate fibers inside a box
2-function Plot_Fiber(x,y,z,Fiber): Plot fibers
3-function Fiber2DXF(Fiber,Filename): Create DXF file for the fibers
x=[x1 x2]: x boundaries of the box
y=[y1 y2]: y boundaries of the box
z=[z1 z2]: z boundaries of the box
L: Length of fibers
N: Number of fibers
Fiber: (N,6) matrix of fiber coordinates with (:,1), (:,2) and (:,3) are x,y, and z coordinates of one end and (:,4),(:,5) and (:,6) are x,y, and z coordinates of the other end.
Filename: name of the DXF file with the extension.
[1] Fang, Qin, and Jinhua Zhang. "Three-dimensional modelling of steel fiber reinforced concrete material under intense dynamic loading." Construction and Building Materials 44 (2013): 118-132.
[2] Islam, Mohammad, Gregory J. Tudryn, and Catalin R. Picu. "Microstructure modeling of random composites with cylindrical inclusions having high volume fraction and broad aspect ratio distribution." Computational Materials Science 125 (2016): 309-318.

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