Spotting Assay Quantification (GUI)

Matlab Application for Image-Based Quantification of Yeast Cells Growth and Survival on Agar plate.
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Aggiornato 10 nov 2023

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A Matlab Application (App) for evaluation of growth and survival of cells by quantitatively analysing spotting assay. For low throughput application this app provides manual selection of samples for analysis. It provides output in the form of cumulative visual representation of each analysed spot, quantification value in documented format and trend of growth. The app can be easily adapted for different experimental conditions and is easy to implement for experts and non-experts alike.

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Ehtisham Wahid (2024). Spotting Assay Quantification (GUI) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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In the updated version now you can save output files in the same folder as the input folder.