6G Exploration Library for 5G Toolbox

Explore, model, and simulate 6G enabling technologies with MATLAB®
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Aggiornato 19 giu 2024
The 6G Exploration Library for 5G Toolbox™ enables you to explore, model, simulate, and test candidate 6G waveforms and technologies. It enables you to:
  • Generate waveforms with parameters extending beyond the limits of the 5G NR specifications.
  • Simulate 6G-candidate links, including transmitter operations, channel models, RF impairments, and reference receiver algorithms. Compute metrics including throughput and EVM.
  • Evaluate link performance in 7–20 GHz, mmWave, and sub-Terahertz ranges.
  • Model reconfigurable intelligent surfaces(RIS) and experiment with propagation scenarios with and without the presence of blockages.
  • Apply AI techniques to solve 6G wireless communications problems.
  • Accelerate your simulationby using multicore computers and clusters.
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Compatibile con R2024a fino a R2024b
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