Bidirectional Branch and Bound for Multiobjective Pairing Selection

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A bidirectional branch and bound code to perform multiobjective input-output pairing selection.
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The code is an implementation of the newly developed bidirectional branch and bound algorithm for multiobjective input-output pairing selection as part of decentralised control design. Two criteria are used in this particular code: the mu-interaction measure (mu-IM) and the RGA-sum. Details of the development can be find in

Kariwala and Cao, A Branch and Bound Framework for Multiobjective Pairing Selection, to appear in Automatica, 2010.

A preprint copy of the aricle may be obtained from authors upon a request.

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Yi Cao (2024). Bidirectional Branch and Bound for Multiobjective Pairing Selection (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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