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Conics intersection

version (6.54 KB) by Pierluigi Taddei
Given the homogeneous matrices of two conics it recovers the (up to) four intersection points


Updated 30 Aug 2015

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The homogeneous representation of a conic is a matrix
m = [A C D; C B E; D E F] that represents the equation
A x^2 + B y^2 + 2C xy + 2D x + 2Ey + F = 0
Given two matrix E1 and E2 representing two conics, the code will detect all their intersections.

For instance:
%a circle centered in the origin
E1 = [1 0 0; 0 1 0; 0 0 -3]

%an ellipse centered in the origin
E2 = [1 0 0; 0 3 0; 0 0 -6]

%get the four homogeneous intersections
P = intersectConics(E1, E2)

%plot the normalized points
plot(P(1,:) ./ P(3,:) , P(2,:) ./ P(3,:), 'ro');

For more info:
and a detailed example describing the method:

A C++ open souce implementation is also present at

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seems it's not working on the following case:

0.3xy + 0.6y - 0.8 =0

the codes generates different plots compared with Wolfram



I did make a mistake. The matrix of the second conic was wrong so your code cannot find the intersections. I checked my code and I found that the matrix of the second conic should be
E2 =[ -0.1642 0 0.1642;
0 8.8358 -15.4627;
0.1642 -15.4627 26.3578]

After receiving your email, I checked my code and corrected the second matrix. YOUR CODE WORKED PERFECTLY AND GAVE THE EXACT SOLUTION. Here is the result.

Thank you very much for sharing your code and I really appreciate your kindness to reply my email and help me solve the problem.


the code doesn't work. I tried with two conics having the matrix

E1 =[ 8.5914 0 -15.0350
0 -0.4086 0.4086
-15.0350 0.4086 24.5709]

E2 =[ 8.8358 0 -15.4627
0 -0.1642 0.1642
-15.4627 0.1642 26.3578]

but the result is an empty intersection matrix. Though these two conics have 4 intersections as you can see in the figure I wrote in Matlab


added C++ link

summary update

added case for linear equations

v.1.0.3: bug fixes (degenerate case)

changed URL

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