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Fast renaming of files or folders
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Rename file or folder
This function renames the existing file or folder specified by the CHAR vector Source to the name given by the CHAR vector Dest. This C-Mex is much faster than Matlab's MOVEFILE (timings vary with the size and number of the files due to caching of write operations, see screenshot):
R2018b: 15 times faster
R2009a: 10 to 50 times faster
R6.5: 1600 times faster
This C-Mex is about 25% faster than using
[Status, Msg] = FileRename(Source, Dest, [Mode])
Source: CHAR vector, name of the source file or folder.
Unicode and UNC paths are considered.
Dest: CHAR vector, name of the destination file or folder.
Mode: CHAR vector, if 'forced' an existing Dest file is overwritten,
if it is not write protected. Folders are *not* overwritten.
Optional, default: 'DoNotOverwrite'.
Status: Scalar DOUBLE. Optional.
0: Success
-1: Source is not existing
-2: Dest is existing already
-3: Dest is write protected
-4: Unknown problems:
Source or Dest is accessed from another program,
Source is a folder and Dest is on another drive.
Msg: CHAR, empty on success, some information in case of problems.
COMPILE: The fast C-Mex file must be compiled before using.
See FileRename.c for details.
Tested: Matlab 6.5, 2009a, 2015b(32/64), 2016b, 2018b, Win7/10
Compiler: LCC2.4 (Matlab2009a), OWC1.8, BCC5.5, MSVC2008/2017
Assumed Compatibility: higher Matlab versions, Mac, Linux, 32/64bit

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