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Example of Lempel Ziv coding

version (1.62 KB) by Andrea Cirillo
It's a Matlab function to codify a string of chars with Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm.


Updated 18 Dec 2010

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[dec_cod, code_bin, code_book] = lempel_ziv(alf, str)

It's a function with three output variables and two input variables.
'dec_cod' is the decimal code that codify the input string 'str'.
'code_bin' is the binary code of the string obtained from the 'dec_cod' conversion.
'code_book' is the code-book used for the Lempel-Ziv algorithm.
'alf' is the alphabet that contains the char used to create the string 'str'.
'str' is the string to codify with the algorithm.

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Doruk Seker

Volkan hocam selamlar

perfect code!!


I used it to compress a text file, works perfectly with slight changes.

Adel Momani

I want to write a matlab code to simulate lempel ziv source coding and the code should implement both encoding and decoding processes
The input data should be a binary text with 1000000 bits generated randomly ? If any one can help

How about the decoder for Lempel Ziv?


reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good one

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