Custom Colors for Plots

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This function provides a selection of colors easy to differentiate for plotting graphics.
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In plot graphs, often it's needed to use a several colors that can be easily differentiated on a first look on the graphic. With this function you can call easily (by name or by code) a selection of 15 colors.
It's very simple and there are more elegant ways to do it, but I think it's a very functional solution.

for ccc=1:15
plot(ccc*ones(1,10),'Linewidth',4,'Color', CustomColors(ccc))

plot(ones(1,10),'Linewidth',4,'Color', CustomColors('Coral'))
plot(ones(1,10),'Linewidth',4,'Color', CustomColors('DeepSkyBlue4'))

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Ispirato: Maximally Distinct Color Generator

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