Software similar to 'Data Thief' that can be used to retrieve data used to make a plot
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DataPro is software that can be used to retrieve data used to make a plot from the image/diagram. It is very simple to use, and self-guides the user through the process.
The program is attached as a compressed file. You should first un-compress it to get 2 files named 'DataPro.m' and 'DataPro.fig'.

The file to run is 'DataPro.m', it will bring up a graphical user interface that guides the user through the process.

Once saved, the required data that is retrieved from the plot is saved in a file named 'result.txt' on the same directory from where the program was run.

VERY IMPORTANT: The 2 reference points you choose should be different in both x and y values.

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Daniel Okoh (2024). DataPro (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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The program has been updated to write the x and y values correctly to the file 'results.txt'