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Convert numeric values to a string array of integers with ordinal suffixes. Fully vectorized!
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Convert a numeric array into a string array of the rounded values with ordinal suffixes, e.g. 1 => "1st".
Similar to MATLAB's IPTNUM2ORDINAL (image toolbox) and NUM2ORDINAL (mapping toolbox) and other files available on FEX, except that NUM2ORD:
  • accepts a numeric array of any size,
  • accepts a numeric array of any class (floating point, INTx or UINTx),
  • returns a string array (not a character array!),
  • is fully vectorized (no loops or ARRAYFUN calls are used or required),
  • provides the correct ordinal suffixes for numeric values ending in 11, 12, or 13.
Character Output
For MATLAB versions prior to R2017a please download version 1.5.2 (with character array output).
>> num2ord(1)
ans = "1st"
>> num2ord(1:6)
ans = ["1st","2nd","3rd","4th","5th","6th"]
>> [str,sfx] = num2ord([1;11;111;1111])
str = ["1st";"11th";"111th";"1111th"]
sfx = [ "st"; "th"; "th"; "th"]
>> num2ord(intmax('int64')-4)
ans = "9223372036854775803rd"
>> num2ord([-1,-0,0;-Inf,NaN,Inf])
ans = ["-1th","-0th","0th";"-Infth","NaNth","Infth"]

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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

* Add more floating point testcases.


* Add 2nd output, with just the suffixes.
* Remove the optional 2nd input.


* Add testcases.


* Update description.


* Update description.


* Add test cases.
* More robust input class handling.


* Minor edits to Mfile help.


* Include test function.
* Improve examples.


* Correct sreenshot


* Correct screenshot.


* Change to string array output.
* Rename function NUM2ORDINAL -> NUM2ORD.


* Add error IDs.


* Added HTML documentation. Function unchanged.

* Improve documentation.

Added Acknowledgements

- Fix minor bug with int* and uint*.

- Improve function description, add acknowledgements.

- Fix minor bugs with -0, int* & uint* handling.