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Import Penn World Table 9.0 and Maddison Data 2018

version 1.4 (4.66 KB) by Yvan Lengwiler
Downloads the 'Penn World Table' and 'Maddison Project Database" from the web and places the information into Matlab variables.

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Updated 06 Oct 2018

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The Penn World Table, or short PWT, is a database of several macroeconomic data, from 1950 to 2014, covering 182 countries. It is an important data source for development economists and researchers of the global economy more generally.

The Maddison Project Database, or MDP, is another important database covering 167 countries and going back 2000 years.

PWT and MDP are key datasources for all economists working on economic growth and development.

This project offers two functions, ImportPWT and ImportMPD, that download the respective data from the University of Groningen website ( and places the information into a Matlab struct variable. This makes these important data available to researchers for analysis in Matlab.

The program is likely to be useful for academic economists only. Please comment if you find it useful.

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I changed urlwrite with websave and it works. Thanks!!!


I have just made the download and imported from the Excel PWT file in the local directory. So far, working very well. Great contribution. Thanks.



Supports newest versions of PWT and MDP.

Corrected typo in the description.

Update to PWT Version 9.0.

The text-coded variables (i_cig, i_xm, i_xr, i_outlier) are now also imported.

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